turkish Customs Regulations

Turkey Customs Information

The following goods may be imported into Turkey without incurring customs duty:

• 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars or 200g of tobacco and 200 cigarette papers or 50g of chewing tobacco or 200g of pipe tobacco or 200g of snuff tobacco* (see Note below).
• Five bottles (1l) or seven bottles (700ml) of wine and/or spirits.
• Five bottles (up to 120ml each) of perfume.
• Gifts up to a value of ?255.65 (or equivalent).
• Electronic articles up to a value of ?255.65 (or equivalent).
• Reasonable amounts of coffee and tea.

 (a)* A further 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 500g of pipe tobacco may be imported if purchased on arrival at a duty-free shop. (b) Very specific amounts and categories of personal belongings may be imported duty-free, according to a list available from the Turkish Embassy, Financial and Customs Counsellor’s Office.

Prohibited Imports
Narcotics, sharp implements (including camping knives) and weapons.

Prohibited Exports
(a) The export of souvenirs such as carpets is subject to customs regulations regarding age and value. (b) The export of antiques is strictly forbidden, with harsh penalties for those caught doing so. (c) Minerals may only be exported under license from the General Directorate of Mining Exploration & Research.

Turkey Customs Website: http://www.gumruk.gov.tr/